The Nathalie
The Nathalie
The Nathalie
The Nathalie

The Nathalie

Ally Jacqueline Jacquets



Price: $500

The Nathalie Details

A bright floral design twinkles with rhinestones in this classy & stunning jacquet. It's romantic and fun + it can be customized with pins and patches to make it truly yours.

The Nathalie Jacquet includes:
- Custom hand-painted lettering with rhinestone accents
- Hand-painted California poppy flower design
- Hand-placed rhinestones on the breast pockets, back of shoulders and throughout the back panel

This is a made to order piece. You will provide me with the jacket you want designed in order to ensure a perfect fit and style. There will be slight variances from piece to piece due to the nature of handmade items.

Made to order. Ships within 4-12 weeks. Please specify the exact date you need it delivered by.

  • Condition: new
  • Fabric: denim

This is a Storefront item and is sold by the vendor. Once you have placed your order the vendor will be notified with your order details and pack and ship the item to you. Storefronts typically ship within 3-10 days.

This item is returnable as priced per Nearly Newlywed's return policy, unless otherwise noted by the vendor in the product's description. For more information on Nearly Newlywed storefronts, visit our FAQs.

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