Returns & Refunds

Nearly Newlywed offers a risk-free 5 calendar day return policy. Return your dress if you don't absolutely love it!

What's Included

Our brides have 5 days (from the moment they receive their shipment) to return their item for any reason. Our return policy is valid on all of our items shipped within the contiguous United States - including new, sample, and used wedding dresses and jumpsuits - for a $50 return fee (per item)*.

What's Not Included

  1. Purchases shipped outside of the contiguous U.S. (Hawaii, Alaska, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico are final sale)
  2. Items marked as final sale or purchased with a promotional code that specifies final sale.
  3. Items negotiated with a seller to be final sale for a certain price.
  4. Items damaged or soiled when in the buyers possession.
Nearly Newlywed (NNW) shall have no obligation to accept any item that is returned damaged, soiled, notably worn, or missing items or attachments. Reasonable wear and tear* from trying on the dress may be considered by the NNW team.

Our Return Process

If provided, all other items or attachments shipped with the purchased dress must be included with your return. This includes items such as belts, veils, detachable sleeves, bows, or any designer packaging like authenticity cards, price tags, dust bags, garment bags, etc.

  1. Buyer emails their return request to NNW within the 5 days of receiving their item.
  2. NNW replies with instructions, including a PDF guide for the required pictures and videos needed of the item(s) being returned. Buyer must reply with the required verification media within 48 hours or the sale is considered final.
  3. NNW reviews the requested images/videos and confirms the item(s) is in the expected condition.
  4. NNW sends a pre-paid return shipping label to the buyer.
  5. Buyer carefully packs item(s) for shipping. The original garment bag or protective packaging used by the seller must be returned (unless it is insufficient).
  6. Buyer ships within 48 hours after receiving the label. Returns that are posted for shipment after the 48 hour deadline will not be accommodated and will be considered a final, non-returnable sale.
  7. NNW monitors the shipment progress and reaches out to the seller when the dress arrives.
  8. Once the seller receives the return and confirms it is in good order with no damage, the buyer will receive a full refund of the sale price less the applicable return fees.
If an item is returned with damage, soiled, notably worn, or missing items or attachments, NNW will work with the buyer and seller to resolve the damage. If we determine the item can be repaired, the seller will be asked to take it for repair and to then provide a receipt of the repair for reimbursement. If it is still in the buyers possession, the buyer will be asked to take it in for repair and then to send pictures of the repair results for NNW to determine if the repair is sufficient for a return.

If it is irreversible, the return request will not be honored and a refund will not be processed.

Acceptable Wear & Tear

Even a brand new item may show gentle signs of being handled. When a dress is tried on or packaged/unpackaged to ship, it is reasonable to expect some signs of acceptable wear and tear during these actions.

Within reason, Nearly Newlywed considers acceptable signs of wear to be small - both in size and amount - and easily remedied. This means that they can be easily cleaned or brushed off, taken off with a lint roller, trimmed with scissors, or sewn back on (etc).

  • loose threads
  • internal marks on the lining or underlayers that are not visible while worn
  • loosened bodice lining
  • marks from touching other objects or the floor
  • pet fur
  • marks inside the neckline or straps from makeup or self tanner (not visible from the outside)
  • dust
  • missing or loosened buttons, beads, or gems
Concerns of this nature will be assessed on an individual basis by our team. The return fee will not be waived for minor items that can be easily fixed (replacing a jewel, replacing a button, minor light marks that can be easily cleaned off etc)

When Damage Is Not Reversible

We understand how upsetting it can be for our brides and sellers when a dress is found to have damage or blemishes. On the rare occasion that situations like this arise, the NNW team will act as a mediator for our brides and sellers.

When blemishes or damage of any kind are discovered, NNW will perform a thorough review and comparison of the media provided to us.

If we determine, after careful consideration, that the damage did not occur before the dress arrived, we will ask you to have it repaired (assuming it can be). If it cannot be restored to an acceptable condition, the sale will be considered final.

If there is ambiguity in the media provided, situations of this nature will be assessed on an individual basis by our team with clear communication to both our bride and seller.

Listing Fee

Please note refunds will not be given once a listing has been posted live on our marketplace.