There is no need to know the shipping address or to calculate shipping charges - Nearly Newlywed takes care of the logistics and, by providing a pre-paid UPS shipping label, also covers the shipping and insurance for our buyers and sellers.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, please treat this dress with the same love and care you would want to see!

  1. Find the Right Box
    Do not ship the dress in a preservation box - instead, use a sturdy corrugated cardboard box that you can find on Amazon, Staples, a moving supplies store, or at your local USPS/UPS store for minimal cost (typically under $5).

    Consider reaching out to your local bridal shops, they may have a box you can pick up from them.

    Get a box that is just big enough, not too big!

    Recommended Box Sizes:
    L: 18 x W: 16 x H: 9
    L: 30 x W: 20 x H: 8
    L: 24 x W: 16 x H: 6

  2. Cover Up Details & Embellishments
    Use tissue paper or muslin cloth between layers to protect embellishments or beading from snagging on other parts of the dress when you fold it.

  3. Fold It Properly
    VERY carefully and slowly turn the dress inside out before folding it. If there is beadwork or embellishments that can snag, you will need to add the muslin cloth or tissue before turning it inside out. 

    Turning the dress inside out is not required - only do it if you feel comfortable.

    This is a little unknown tip that most people don’t know! Why is turning it inside out a good idea? If your box gets damaged, crushed, or wet while being shipped, having the dress inside out will protect the outer detailed layers that are beautiful.

    Then, you can fold it; bodice to the hem. This should allow it to fit nicely in the box.

  4. Protect The Dress
    Use plastic to cover it so that if the box gets wet or damaged during transit, the dress won't be damaged.

    A great way to do this is to use the plastic cover your duvet cover came in or just a fresh, clear, large sized recycling bag.

    Damaged Box Examples
  5. Shipping to Your Buyer? Add a Personal Touch!
    Make it look lovely for your buyer to get them excited about their purchase. Consider writing a lovely short note to your buyer telling her about the dress, your big day, or thanking her :)

  6. Tape Well, Label, & Drop if Off
    Put a duplicate label inside the box so that if the label gets ripped off at any point during shipping, they can find the original owner quickly.

    Seal the flaps and seams with strong mailing tape that is a minimum width of two inches. 

    Place the shipping label on top, avoid putting the label over a seam/closure or on top of the tape. 

    Drop it off at your local UPS store, make sure you keep the receipt they will provide to show when you dropped it off.