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Nearly Newlywed is an online-only listing boutique that offers an exclusive white-glove concierge service for our brides-to-be and newlyweds.

Curious about something? Below you'll find answers for both sellers and buyers!

Buyer FAQ

What is your return policy?

We offer a risk-free 5 day return policy on all of our items including new and used wedding dresses shipped within the contiguous United States.

Return your dress for any reason for a $50 return fee.

Items marked as final sale or items purchased alongside a promotional code that specifies final sale, cannot be returned.

Read more about our return policy HERE!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! If you live outside the U.S or Canada please reach out to see if we are shipping to your area at this time.

It is important to note that international buyers are responsible for shipping costs (added upon checkout), and the import duties and taxes on the value of their dress purchase when their shipment arrives. We recommend researching this cost for your country before submitting your order!

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel your order, please reach out to our support team at support@nearlynewlywed.com within 48 hours of submitting payment. Orders cancelled after we receive verification media or after 48 hours may be subject to a $50 cancellation fee due to the amount of time and effort that goes into verifying your gorgeous gown*.

What is your return policy for international buyers?

Purchases shipped outside of the contiguous U.S. are Final Sale.

Purchases shipped to the U.S. from Canada are also considered Final Sale and shipping is additional.

What happens if I receive my dress and something is wrong?

When we send you tracking information for your order we will provide instructions on how to take a thorough unpacking and inspection video when you receive your dress.

If you discover any blemishes during this process, please email our team right away!

*The original garment bag and hanger are considered a bonus and not guaranteed to be included by your seller.

How do I know that a used dress will look how it says it will?

First, closely inspect all of the photos & the description provided. Reach out to us and ask any questions you may have about the dress details and its current condition. When a dress sells, our team will guide the seller on how to inspect the dress for any blemishes and will let you know if there are any concerns.

We recommend upgrading to our White Glove Service to receive thorough and detailed pictures and videos of your gown before it ships.

Remember - you are not buying directly from the designer or a salon. This means that if your gown is new, a sample, or used, you should expect there to potentially be a few loose threads and missing beads. Our team assesses this on a case by case basis to determine what is considered reasonable signs of wear (even if the dress is new).

How am I protected?

Nearly Newlywed ensures quality, safety and security for all of our brides and newlyweds! We process all payments and handle shipping and insurance, so there are no risks.

When a dress sells, our team confirms the current condition of each dress before we charge your card or ship it out. We will either ask the seller to inspect it for any blemishes or you can upgrade to our White Glove Service, and we will let you know prior to shipping it out if there are any concerns. If there are any concerns we will come to you with your options and our advice on how to proceed, whether that is to cancel the order or negotiate with the seller.

Do I need to clean a used dress or is it already professionally cleaned?

Most of our dresses are professionally cleaned. If they're in need of some TLC, the pricing and description generally reflects that. If it still doesn't meet expectations, we can chat with our sellers about either getting it cleaned upon purchase or further discounting the gown to cover additional cleaning and repairs.

Who pays for shipping?

We do! Nearly Newlywed provides a pre-paid shipping label to each U.S seller when a dress is sold for over $500 (in the lower 48). For orders under $500, there will be a $25 shipping fee added to the brides order.

If you live outside the contiguous United States shipping will be an additional cost.

Buyers will receive a pre-paid shipping label from Nearly Newlywed if they return the dress.

International shipping costs may vary and are calculated by location at checkout.

International buyers need to be aware of their country's import taxes and fees, as these will be in addition to the shipping costs.

Nearly Newlywed does not ship to PO boxes or mailbox services.

Do you guarantee that my dress will be available?

We are not able to guarantee availability. While we aim to keep our listings up to date with current, for-sale wedding dresses, there are times where the seller doesn’t notify us in a timely manner. Each seller on our site is an individual person - just like you!

We take only take a pre-authorized payment to ensure you can continue shopping ASAP and don't have to worry about waiting on a refund.

Our team is more than happy to help you find a new dress to order and will pull options for you if this happens!

How do I measure myself for a dress?

All you'll need is a measuring tape, a friend, & our super easy-to-use size and fit guide!

Is it risky to buy a used wedding dress?

Not when you are buying with Nearly Newlywed! We take all of the risk out of the process with secure payments, a dedicated and knowledgeable bridal team, and our risk-free return policy. You can return any dress, no matter the reason, within 5 days of receiving it for a refund less a $50 restocking fee.

How long does shipping take?

Typically within 7-10 days from when you order, sometimes even during the same week you have ordered, and at the absolute most - 3 weeks from the day you order.

In a Rush? If you are in a rush, let us know prior to ordering - tell us the dress you are wanting to buy, your timeline you need it by, and we'll calculate the ship times to let you know if you need to purchase expedited shipping.

Will I have to alter the dress?

New or used, it is totally normal & expected for a gown to need multiple alterations to make it fit just right! You may get lucky and buy a dress with a bustle already paid for and altered just right to fit your shape.

Refer to the size and fit guide and remember that a lot can be done with alterations.

Consult with your local seamstress during your at home fitting period and discuss changes that you would like to be made. Dresses can easily be taken in and most can be let out.

If alterations are not an option simply let us know you need to return the gown within the 5 calendar day return period for a full refund less a $50 restocking fee.

Can we meet to try on a dress?

As part of our safety guarantee, we do not facilitate in-person try-ons - all dresses must be shipped to you, the interested buyer.

Can I resell the dress after I wear it or alter it?

Of course! Any dress purchased with Nearly Newlywed is pre-approved to list again on the site to sell. You may alter the gown to your size, just take good care of it during the big day so that it can retain most of its value and be in touch with us once you are ready to resell it!

Can I buy more than 1 dress at once?

You can purchase up to 2 dresses at a time. We will do our best to coordinate with each individual seller so that your dresses will arrive around the same time but cannot guarantee this. Orders with 3 or more dresses may ship and arrive at different times - we will not be able to coordinate them to all arrive around the same time.

Seller FAQ

How do I sell with Nearly Newlywed?

Visit our listing form here and log in to (or create) your account. Fill in your dress details, add pictures, set your own selling price and pay the $19.99 listing fee - after that, we do all the work!

We handle all of the customer service and marketing of your dress so that you don’t have to lift a finger until your dress sells. When your dress is kept by a new bride, we send you your payment for 70% of the purchase price.

What pictures can I use?

Listings with someone wearing the dress sell the best. Use pictures from your wedding or try on appointment.

Designer/model pictures or pictures found online are not allowed.

You must own or have permission to use all photos in your listing. If a listing is submitted with only designer images, we will push it live with a placeholder until you can provide your own.

I just submitted my dress to sell & paid the $19.99 listing fee, now what?

Your dress will be reviewed by our quality control team within 72 hours. You will not be able to see your dress in your account until we review your listing.

Once approved, we will notify you via email that your listing is live on the site. Please note no refunds will be given once a listing has been posted.

After you get the email from us confirming your listing is live, you'll then be able to login to your seller dashboard to manage your listing description and price as needed.

We will work on selling your dress for you and you won’t need to do anything but relax and wait until we contact you with your next-steps when it sells!

What happens when my dress sells?

When a bride purchases your dress our team will coordinate all details with you and the buyer including secure payment, insurance, shipping and returns, dress verification, and any questions they have.

We provide a pre-paid and insured shipping label to each seller when a dress is sold.

You will need to use a box from home, or purchase one, that fits your dress and will keep it safe during transit. Then, you drop it off at a UPS store with the pre-paid label attached and we monitor the shipment.

Buyer keeps it? We send you payment in USD (via PayPal) for 70% of the purchase price.

Buyer returns it? We work with her to confirm the gown's condition and make sure it arrives back to you as soon as possible.

International sellers are responsible for any exchange fees incurred during the payment transfer.

What is your return policy & how does it work?

Buyers have 5 days from the moment they receive the dress to decide on their purchase, which allows them time to meet with a seamstress and determine if the gown is the right fit. If the buyer returns the gown, we will let you know via email.

Our team will go through the same process that we did with you when your dress sold, then we will send the buyer her pre-paid shipping label and refund her when you confirm your dress returned home safely and in good condition.

In the rare instance a dress sustains wear beyond normal shipping and try on use, the return will not be accepted and you, as the seller, will receive the full 70% commission for the sale. We will first work with you and the buyer to find an amicable solution for both parties - this is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Why should I sell my dress with Nearly Newlywed?

There are many reasons to sell your dress with Nearly Newlywed!

One of the most important ones is that YOU are protected. Our support team works hard to ensure you are not exposed to the risk of fraud, scams, or loss. Secure payment processing, insurance, and our verification processes are a few of the ways we achieve this.

You can skip the back and forth with potential buyers - we provide the convenience of hands-off customer service. Our team handles all buyer questions and service, shipping and insurance, and everything in between.

Risk-free return policy + curated buying experience + our quality and verification process = attracting a larger and more serious group of potential buyers. We strive to create a luxury experience and attract brides that would not otherwise consider purchasing a wedding dress online (new or pre-owned!).

Do I need to clean my dress before I sell it?

We do not require it but we strongly recommend it. Dresses that have been professionally cleaned sell up to twice as fast and with lower risk of return than dresses that have not been cleaned.

The longer a dress goes uncleaned, the higher the risk for permanent stains or discolored (yellow) fabric.

What percentage of dresses sell?

We boast the highest sell-through rate due to our condition and verification process. Even though we offer a 5 day risk-free return policy, our return rate is quite low.

How much time does it take for a dress to sell?

Selling time varies and depends on lots of factors including designer, season, style, size, etc. The process can take anywhere from just a few weeks to a year or more. Most dresses that are priced competitively (at least 40% off retail for used gowns), have great pictures, and lots of details in the description sell within six months (depending on the season it was listed in).

Will I need to answer questions from buyers?

You never have to talk to inquiring buyers! We handle all inquiries and customer service so you can sit back and relax until you hear from us that we have found a serious buyer.

How is my wedding dress protected?

Nearly Newlywed takes full responsibility for the safety of your gown when in transit or in the possession of a buyer.

Why am I being asked for proof of purchase and condition?

We want brides to feel good about purchasing their dress from Nearly Newlywed's marketplace - part of achieving this is done via our condition and verification process!

Buying online doesn't have to be scary, especially for such an important emotional purchase like a wedding dress! Knowing that we have done our due diligence means more brides can buy with confidence, ensuring quicker sales and smooth transactions for you and the bride-to-be :)

Contact Us for any questions not covered here.